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Primary Object
The Famous Fliers' Wall
Artifact Attributes
The Famous Fliers Wall is located at the southwest corner of the St. Francis Atrio at the Mission Inn
Thyrsis Field and others unknown
Title/Object Name
The International Shrine of Aviators
1932 to present
Concrete walls with copper wings and other plaques attached
To Come
Artifact Descriptions
Mission Inn owner Frank Miller had the Saint Francis Chapel built to hold the extraordinary Reyes Altar and Louis Comfort Tiffany windows. The chapel and atrio (atrium or patio) were dedicated as The International Shrine for Aviators on December15, 1932. A copper plaque mounted on the wall to the left of the chapel doors gives the date of the dedication. The plaque is surrounded by copper wings, each dedicated to an individual or a group of liers. The copper wings are 14 inches wide.
Artifact Origin Map
Riverside, California
The Collections Aviation | International Shrine of the Aviator - The Famous Flier’s Wall
The International Shrine of Aviators - The Famous Flier’s Wall

Updated: October 5, 2006

rank Miller had the Saint Francis Chapel built within the Mission Inn to hold the extraordinary Reyes Altar and Louis Comfort Tiffany stained glass windows. The chapel and atrio were dedicated as the International Shrine of Aviators on December 15, 1932, as noted on a copper plaque to the left of the chapel doors. The words "Francis of Assisi Lover of Birds and Birdmen Patron Saint" festoon a double cross there. Mr. Miller’s chapel thus became a symbol of hope and protection for all who take to the air.

The plaque on the Famous Fliers' Wall is surrounded by 151 pairs of 10-inch copper wings, each dedicated to an individual or a group of fliers. General H.H. “Hap” Arnold, Major General Robert Olds, Amelia Earhart, James H. Doolittle, General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Brigadier General Chuck Yeager, Mercury astronaut and Senator John Glenn, John K. Northrup, General Curtis LeMay, Jacqueline Cochran, Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, Charles Lindbergh, the MIA – POWs (whose copper wings are wrapped in barbed wire), Orville Wright, the WASPs (Women's Army Service Pilots), and Medal of Honor Aviators are among those honored. The Wall has created a true sense of community among fliers – not all military and not all men.

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