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About the Mission Inn Museum and Foundation
Mission Statement

Adopted by the Mission Inn Foundation Board of Trustees, June 28, 2008.

The Mission Inn Foundation preserves, interprets, and promotes the cultural heritage of the Mission Inn, Riverside, and the surrounding southern California communities through its museum services, educational programs, and outreach activities.
The Mission Inn Foundation was formed in 1976 to preserve the public trust in the Mission Inn, a privately-owned National Historic landmark.

Foundation History

The Mission Inn Foundation was incorporated in 1976 to assist in the preservation and restoration of the Mission Inn, and originally, to assist in managing the hotel during ownership by the City of Riverside. The Mission Inn hotel is now privately owned by Mr. Duane Roberts, and the Foundation has a unique role of operating a non-profit museum within an operating for-profit hotel. The Mission Inn Museum was opened in 1993, simultaneous with the reopening of the Mission Inn hotel after extensive renovations. The Mission Inn Foundation operates the Mission Inn Museum. The museum’s collection is significant in demonstrating the epic periods of Mission Inn development. Frank Miller, the original owner and developer of the Inn, was an early proponent of the Mission Revival movement, an avid collector of art from around the world, an original thinker, a marketing genius, and a strong community booster. Miller’s central role in the development of Riverside and the forging of a community identity gives the museum a broad range of suitable interpretive topics.

Board of Directors
David St Pierre, President
Theresa Hanley, Vice President
Javier Carrillo, Treasurer
Bill Wilkman, Secretary
Kathy Wright, Immediate Past President
Lorraine Anderson
Judith Auth
Edward C. Bush
Ann DeWolfe
Howard Golds
Brian Jaramillo
Jeff Kaatz
Marcia McQuern
Chris Manning
Stan Morrison
Virgina Blumenthal
Betsy Herrick
Lil Salter
Walter P. Parks
Larry Perrin
Kelly Roberts
Bill Rose
Mark Rubin
Ruthan Smith
Wanda Scruggs
Gladys Walker
Pauline McGuigan, Ex-officio, President, Frank Miller Club
Deane Wylie, Ex-officio, President, Friends of the Mission Inn
S. Sue Johnson, Emeritus status
Jonathan O’Neal, Emeritus status
Kristi MacEwen, Board Apprentice
Councilman Mike Gardner, Ex-Officio
Jean Eiselein, Ex-Officio, Chairperson, Docent Council

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Foundation & Museum Staff & Contacts

Mission Inn Foundation & Museum 3696 Main St. Riverside, CA 92501

Museum & Tours 951-788-9556    Foundation Office 951-781-8241

Email info@missioninnmuseum.com

Steve Spiller Interim Director/Museum & Collections Manager

Sharla Wright Director of Product Services sharlawright@missioninnmuseum.com

Jennifer Dickerson Curator of History

Nanci Larsen Director of Audience Development & Administration

Taylor Libolt Curator of Education

Stephanie Starbuck Director of Sales


About the Inn
The story of the National Historic Landmark Mission Inn stretches over more than a century and began with the Miller family. In 1874 Civil Engineer C.C. Miller arrived in Riverside, began work on a water system and was paid with a parcel of land in the center of the new town where the family started a hotel. His son, Frank Augustus Miller, later bought the property, improved and enlarged it, and by 1903 opened the first wing of the current Mission Inn building. The building grew in several stages and now fills an entire block with gardens and towers, arches and stairways. Throughout the site, visitors are able to view paintings, sculpture and furnishings from the Mission Inn collections. (More)
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